Challenge Info

You can make any kind of game you want,
as long as it has a strong pie-based theme. You’ll be provided with a ninja sprite, a pie, and a basic example game but your goal
isn’t to copy it or improve it – these are just being used as examples. What’s your favorite Scratch game? Maybe you can recreate with a pie theme!

Pi, also written as 𝜋, is actually a number! Pi is a constant, which means it has an exact value and definition – a massive decimal value that starts with 3.14

I can sequence commands in an order to run a program the way I intended. I can use events to execute scripts based on user input. I can use variables to collect and store data .

  • Sequence: the order to a set of steps.
  • Event: an action that causes something to happen.
  • Variable: a place where a program can store a value that can change.